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Virtual Reality Video

Thanks to the development of new 360-degree virtual reality cameras, it is now possible to capture the full view around on point within 3D space and allow for user-controlled viewing of the resultant video through 360-degree interactive virtual reality videos. Many platforms support the unique equirectangular video output that results from capture from virtual reality cameras, including YouTube and Facebook. Desktop viewers can control the angle of 3D space observed through the 2D video player by using their mouse and dragging the screen. Those viewing the 360-degree interactive virtual reality videos on mobile devices have an even more intuitive user experience: by simply tilting and panning their mobile device, they can change the angle of their view as if they were holding the camera itself, making for a phenomenally dynamic viewing experience. The camera's perspective is thus given greater prominence in the viewing experience, giving 360-degree interactive virtual reality videos a richly immersive aesthetic that gives the viewer the sense that they are truly in the middle of the action and in control of their reception of the imagery conveyed.

Among the few 360-degree video production companies within the industry, MVP stands apart from the herd. 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) 360-degree virtual reality videos that envelop the imagination are made possible through MVP's industry-leading virtual reality cameras. Possibilities abound for the soundscape likewise, as MVP's VR cameras feature a total of four high-dynamic-range microphones that allow for rich, ambisonic 3D sound. MVP's virtual reality cameras are specially designed with mimimal distance from lens to lens, which helps minimize distortion of close-by objects (parallax) and thus allows a greater amount of any potential scene to be captured with high fidelity which in turn maximizes the possibilities for the visual staging during the filming session. The exceptional virtual reality technology which MVP boasts allows the company to produce ultra-high-definition (UHD) 360-degree interactive videos that cut through the clutter and help businesses and organizations which deploy them stand out in their industries like no others.

Video production is not the only area that MVP's virtual reality development excels. Live-streaming 360-degree video feeds are made possible by MVP's advanced virtual reality cameras. Businesses and organizations can leverage the resources they devote to the development of trade shows, meetings, and conferences through live webcasts. MVP's 360-degree virtual reality cameras allow the experience of in-person attendence to be translated perfectly through the World Wide Web, situating online participants in the center of the action with incredible fidelity and appeal. The beauty of using 360-degree interactive virtual reality video in this way is that businesses and organizations are now able to extend the value of the labor and materials they invest into said events to larger and larger circles, helping to expand impact while also capturing greater return on investment (ROI).

From producing 4K ultra-high-definition virtual reality videos to webcasting of a virtual reality 360-degree interactive video feed, MVP has both the expertise and the virtual reality camera technology needed to make your project a smashing success. Stand apart from the crowd. Be seen like no other. Make it into their memorable with MVP.



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