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Augmented Reality

DDA has been immersed in the development of Augmented Reality since the launch of its first AR project in 2009, and we are ready to bring our clients and their customers into the next phase of its development. This iteration of Augmented Reality is a game changer in several important ways. The universal acceptance and use of the smartphone has equipped millions with a perfect platform for Augmented Reality, with high resolution graphics and the ability to use a high quality camera to establish a working viewpoint and an effective interface for every user. Broadband access has enabled real time delivery for an immersive and potentially shared experience across an efficient and secure network. With these critical infrastructural issues effectively resolved, the prospect for the widespread deployment of ideas and experiences delivered via Augmented Reality is exciting and inspiring. DDA’s team of highly experienced professionals can take a new idea and implement it with the highest level of performance, delivering measurable results that will make clear that Augmented Reality enhances experiences, holds peoples’ attention and facilitates learning, training, entertaining and shopping in a more immersive and effective way than ever before.

By placing a 3D interface into your view and adding a layer of dynamic information around you and your environment, Augmented Reality intersects with your reality and your experience, and allows you to interact virtually with both 3D computer objects and your lived environment mutually influencing each other. The interface has the capability to provide both abstract information in the way of textual and diagrammatic data complete with arrows and avatars, charts and metrics, and photorealistic objects that can give off steam and reflect color and light, casting shadows that can change in real time. With interface options like these you can freely incorporate both to their best advantage for any application and develop software uniquely attuned to achieve the most immersive and information rich experience.

About DDA
DDA’s main focus is customer satisfaction. We strive to determine the core goals of the customers, their market, and their prospective end users to get at the underlying logic and the critical performance factors needed to achieve results that go far past the original expectations for the project. We have the capability to incorporate nearly any type of professional multimedia requirement, including 3D computer modeling, 3D immersive environments and multimedia presentations, hybrid media/technology platforms, experiential marketing, virtual games, virtual simulations, and, of course, Augmented Reality. If you would like to talk to us about Augmented Reality can help you achieve your business goals, we’d love to have a conversation.


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