Educational Videos


According to the Social Science Research Network, visual learners make up about 65% of the population.  Tools like graphics, text, images, graphs, and scientific studies contribute to this fraction of the population’s information retention, and these methods are often seen in traditional education techniques.  Multimedia Video Production works with teaching and training organizations to take these visual tools and create a video that allows viewers to gain as much information as possible.

Accommodating All Types of Learners

Although the majority of the population are visual learners, organizations also need to prepare materials that are made for non-visual learners as well.  One of the many benefits of education videos is that it is suitable for all types of learners.  The combination of on-screen text, audio narration, and visual graphics create a very powerful learning tool.  Multimedia Video Production can take any corporate, technical, or general instruction video to the next level with state-of-the-art technologies and capabilities, which allow organizations to incorporate interactive components.  Interactivity can increase information retention and audience engagement.

Multimedia Videos

The success of educational videos relies heavily on hiring a production company that is capable of carrying out numerous technical and artistic tasks and fusing them together to develop multimedia productions that create lasting impressions with their target audiences.  Multimedia Video Production is a comprehensive, one-stop video production studio qualified in helping organizations with all facets of producing a high-definition educational video: in-studio or on-location filming, scriptwriting, animation, casting for voice-over and on-screen narration talent, production, and editing.  The final product can be distributed via a DVD or added to a website.

Multimedia Video Production has what it takes to produce green-screen-enhanced videos that feature 3D environmental, custom photographic, or digitally illustrated backdrops.  MVP also creates 2D and 3D animated videos.  Live webcasting services are also available, bringing live educational events to viewers across the country and around the world.  In addition, Multimedia Video Production hosts videos on a content delivery network (CDN), which ensures smooth video playback and fast load times.

Interactive Educational Videos

Take your education videos one step further with interactive programming.  Multimedia Video Production can develop intuitive, visually attractive graphical user interfaces (GUIs), which gives viewers the ability to navigate through a video at their own pace and control.  Additional materials including graphs, documents, links, and images can be made available in media libraries, allowing for a deeper learning experience.

MVP can include a variety of interactive elements into a education video, which can enhance the viewing experience along with viewer engagement.  Questions can be inserted throughout a video to test a viewer’s knowledge, and post-video polling gives an organization a sense of user demographics, information retention, and other useful information.

Multimedia Video Production can produce video synchronized with PowerPoint images, slides, and text to build a synchronized media platform.  These components can then be incorporated with a sophisticated back-end administration, online registration system, integrated certification processes, and cutting-edge metric reporting.  All of these aspects come together to result in an advanced eLearning platform.  These platforms are symbolic of the combination of interactive and digital media development that makes Multimedia Video Production stand out among the rest.

Allow Multimedia Video Production to take your learning materials and make them memorable in more ways than one.  Contact Multimedia Video Production to learn more.