Trade Show Videos


Trade shows are a truly pivotal time to market and display your company or organization’s services and products.  Multimedia Video Production develops high-quality trade show videos to help your company stand out at large conventions while captivating viewers with relevant information.  MVP is the quintessential place for all of your trade show video needs so you can generate the interest of potential customers and highlight the advantages of your product or service.  Some of the many professional video production services MVP offers include education videos, green-screen enhanced videos, streaming videos, and 2D and 3D animation videos.  No matter the challenge, Multimedia Video Production has the knowledge and experience to help you succeed.

MVP’s arsenal of services also includes scriptwriting from a skillful in-house team of copywriters, who can produce the content your organization needs to convey the facts about your product.  The MVP Actors’ Network, which has over 75 actors, can also be utilized for voice-over and on-screen narration talent.  MVP’s Video Production Department can also film your trade show video on-location, which is often suitable for projects where featuring products or services in the field, workspace, or specific environments is necessary.  When your trade show video is completed, Multimedia Video Production can maintain streaming videos on your corporate website and other online resources to provide users with video playback free of buffering and delays.

2D and 3D Trade Show Animations

A strong, compelling way to show intricate details of your company’s services or products is through 2D and 3D trade show animations.  This method is suitable for topics that require illustrations of small or complex items, processes, or procedures, and these animations can help viewers to completely understand all aspects of a given topic.  Plus, 2D and 3D animations are aesthetically pleasing, with striking colors and details that sometimes can’t be shown in live-action video.

Live-Action Trade Show Videos

For more real-world trade show videos, a live-action approach can offer the right look.  Multimedia Video Production’s in-house video studio has the equipment required to film a high-definition, green-screen enhanced trade show video guaranteed to generate buzz about your latest product.  Green screen technology can be used to integrate video or photographic backgrounds, or an original custom modeled 3D environment designed by MVP’s 3D animators.

It is ideal to develop a live-action trade show videos when it focuses on products or services used in real-life applications or environments.  Live-action videos can give your video an authentic effect, even when your company’s product isn’t the main focus.  This can often encourage potential customers to buy.  On-location filming can also enhance client and customer testimonials.  Companies can often benefit from filming on location, whether it be a warehouse, factory, or other workplace environment.

In addition, Multimedia Video Production can create an extraordinary blend of live-action video, 2D and 3D animations, and other video configurations to develop a trade show video to embody all of the messages you wish to convey about your service or product.  Regardless of the trade show video approach you wish to utilize, Multimedia Video Production’s in-house team and video production studio has the skills and equipment needed to take your company’s video from start to finish.